Protect Yourself And Your Family From Web Analytics

A technology variously known as a "Tracking Pixel", "Web Bug"
a "Web Beacon" enables analytics vendors to follow your every online movement.

That's Just Wrong.

Consider the challenges faced by closeted gay right-wing elected officials.

If you know what a "hosts files" is as well as how to edit edit, append the following two lines to yours.

Do not replace your hosts file with these! To do so would break your computer's networking.

# Google Analytics	ssl.google-analytics.com	www.google-analytics.com

# Double Click	bid.g.doubleclick.net	stats.g.doubleclick.net	googleads.g.doubleclick.net

# Wix	frog.wix.com

# WordPress	pixel.wp.com

# NetSolAds - Network Solutions?	stats.netsolads.com

# TypeKit	p.typekit.net

# Twitter	analytics.twitter.com

# Simpli Fi?	i.simpli.fi

# New Relic - I think this may not be for tracking, rather performance monitoring	bam.nr-data.net

# Adobe Analytics	pinpointdigital.demdex.net

# AddRoll
#	https://www.adroll.com/	d.adroll.com

# Quantcast
#	https://www.quantcast.com/	pixel.quantserve.com

# Amobee
#	https://www.amobee.com/	r.turn.com

# MailChimp	chimpstatic.com

This will prevent Google Analytics' customers from sending Tracking Pixels to your web browser from a substantial portion of the Internet's websites.

There are many other Web Analytics vendors! Please bookmark this page then visit from time to time as I research then publish the hostnames of their own Tracking Pixels.

There is a hosts file on Android devices as well as Apple's iOS devices - the iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch. However editing your device's hosts file requires unlocking the bootloader in the case of Android or jailbreaking your iOS device.

While that would work just fine I'm developing some technical measures that would be far easier to install as well as far more effective, in that they will block Mobile Analytics as well.

Mobile Analytics are built into many of your mobile device's Apps. For an App to employ Mobile Analytics enables a whole bunch of people to track your every tap.

Watch This Space.
-- M.